Can your chicken legs kick a ball tho??

Thoughts filled my mind as my thighs filled my jeans. The seams about to burst, along with my anxious mind. My voluptuous butt seems to stick out with the severity of this model’s rib cage. I look at myself and wonder how she can fit into her size double zero skirt while I would only be able to wear that article of clothing as a headband. Scrolling though my Instagram, I see carbon copies fresh out of society’s machine. Their bleached blonde hair billows in the wind, a wind that would have the power to blow their dainty frame away. Millions of young girls across the globe can relate to this experience. They will then question their value as society judges one on their appearance rather than their thoughts, values, and intelligence. What is wrong with me? Why cant I also look like that?

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 5.36.51 PM.png
Screenshot of Instagram


Thoughts filled my mind as my thighs filled my jeans. The seams about to burst along with my anxious mind. I see athletic women with hips and thighs and butts posing just like models do except something is different. These women are glowing and they’re healthy! They seem like they enjoy three meals a day and aren’t afraid to eat pizza every once in awhile. They’re so fit looking and cool- I want to be like that! Maybe I should start playing sports or something so I can look like Alex Morgan. She totally is rocking that athletic track suit!

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 5.32.26 PM.png
Screenshot of Instagram

These two scenarios juxtapose a young girl’s reaction to looking at stick-thin models every day with a girl’s reaction to seeing athletes pose as models. I previously asked the question of “are athletes empowering themselves or disempowering themselves when posing as models on social media?” I figured this discussion would be best if it weren’t one sided, so here’s the effect. Girl A- lets name her insecure Ingrid- has her confidence levels brought down while idolizing stick-thin barbies. This can lead to eating disorders, confidence issues, self-loathing, etc. The list goes on and on. Girl B- confident Courtney- is inspired by the athletic bodies she sees in magazines and wants to lead a healthy lifestyle to be like them.


Our role models and society have a dialectic relationship and are products and producers of each other. If we want our young girls to enjoy the occasional ice cream night with her friends while they cry over rom coms, we need to provide them with great role models. Role models who inspire rather than deprecate.



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