But she doesn’t look aggressive…

Ronda Rousey, the woman who could take down a six foot two male weighing in at two-hundred and fifty pounds, has also succumbed to the powers of social media.

With her seven and a half million Instagram followers, Ronda has a large platform to display her feminine side. She has posed for Sports Illustrated, promoting the celebration of women despite their size or shape.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 9.21.05 AM.png
Screenshot of Instagram

“Such an honor to share the cover with @theashleygraham and @haileyclauson for @si_swimsuit’s issue celebrating women of all body types,” Ronda writes. Finally! Women who have some meat on their bones are finally getting some attention too! Ronda’s shoots are empowering for both herself and millions of women everywhere who don’t look like string beans.

Maybe athletes-turned-models is a good thing. It captures and promotes the athletic body to the public. Girls spend hours looking at magazines such as Vogue which plaster images of women who definitely have a BMI under 18.5 all over its pages.

Its important for young girls to have athletic looking role models rather than aspiring to an unattainable standard of female beauty. Many people think that social media is encouraging the development of eating disorders by increasing the attention towards women. It is so easy to scroll through Instagram and see other girls on beaches in bikinis and wonder why they cant look like that.

We can fight back against the growing number of women who feel disempowered when looking at social media by promoting healthy, fit women.


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