Lights… Camera… Athletes?

Women’s achievements have been overshadowed by their sexuality since the beginning of time. A women could have won a Nobel Peace Prize, but she would still be judged based on how hot she looks in her skirt.

When sexual attention is unwanted and overshadows a woman’s achievements, it is demeaning and humiliating. However, what if that woman chose to put the spotlight on how her body looks, rather than how it moves? Many female athletes enter the modeling industry after gaining fame through sports through the help of social media.

Social media outlets, the biggest one being Instagram, are perfect to promote athletes’ aesthetic value to the public in an easy way. Companies catch wind of the athletes this way and use them to promote their products through their social media. They are often recruited to flash poses for modeling campaigns.

Alana Blanchard, among one of the top ten female surfers in the world, has 1.6 million Instagram followers. Her flawless photos have captured the attention of various marketers and companies looking for Alana to model their clothing. She has since become a sensation on social media and has even created her own bikini line with Rip Curl, titled “my bikini.”

alana blanchard rip curl bikini.jpg


Alex Morgan, of the USA Women’s Soccer Team, has shocked the world with not only her footwork skills in soccer, but with her flat stomach and beautifully bronzed skin. The athlete has 3.1 million loyal Instagram followers who constantly comment on her candid athletic photos regarding her beauty. She has appeared modeling for various swimsuit companies and has posed for Nike. Rather than being praised for winning the Olympic Gold for team USA, many idolize Alex due to her slender body and pretty face.

The question that arises is, does social media help to empower or disempower women?

Read more about the two different perspectives on the topic here!




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